MenSI Learning Labs

The following are the Future Classrooom Lab Learning Labs selected to collaborate with the MenSI project. 


Future Learning Lab, FLL

The Future Learning Lab (FLL) is one of the learning labs created by the Center for Innovation in Learning and Teaching (ZLI), part of the Pädagogische Hochschule Wien. The Future Learning Lab follows the educational and pedagogical concepts of EUN's Future Classroom Lab and of the Austrian project KIDZ-Kinder im Klassenzimmer der Zukunft (Kidsclassroom of the Future). 


Croatian Future Classroom

In the Croatian Future Classroom, students are provided with the unique opportunity to connect and network in a safe environment where they can engage in active learning, create new resources and share them with their peers worldwide. Students develop new skills and competences and are encouraged to reimagine and combine the existing learning content into new, rich, easily accessible materials and resources.


Beta School - The Israeli FCL

The Israeli FCL learning space, named Beta School was founded in 2015 by the Ministry of Education's Tel Aviv District, the Department of Education at Petah Tikva Municipality and Microsoft. It targets policy makers, school leaders, supervisors, teachers and students. Beta School offers interactive workshops that showcase Microsoft tools in a dynamic learning space with the aim of advancing disruptive new pedagogies for learning in the twenty-first century.


Aula 3.0

Aula 3.0 is a learning space which consists of four classrooms funded through internal resources, commercial partners and the Chinese Ministry of Education (Confucius classroom). The activities of Aula 3.0 include planning and carrying out at least one lecture of every subject in this learning space, and designing these lectures to include group work, project, debates, students' presentations, hands on activities, as well as teacher trainings. 


CFAE Centro-Oeste Digital Training Classroom

CFAE Centro-Oeste Digital Training Classroom is offering digital literacy training for teachers and students.

Future Teacher Education Lab

The space is funded by the Portuguese Institute of Education and associate partners and had its official opening on the 16th of April 2015. It is designed to host (Future) Teachers involved in Masters Degrees in Teaching and Education at the Institute of Education (ULisboa) and teachers and researchers of the 18 faculties and Institutes of the University of Lisbon in collaboration with the Ulisboa Unit of E-learning.


Future Will Be Mine FCL

The FCL classroom was opened in June 2022 and made ready for the 2022-2023 academic year. The design, planning and implementation processes were completed within the school, and technological support and equipment were provided with local support and made in accordance with FCL standards. It is suitable for classroom students and for any kind of subject or lesson. It is also suitable to be used as an application area for projects such as Erasmus+ eTwinning and Tübitak, Teknofest (National Projects) carried out in our school.


The target groups of ZFCL class are the students studying in the 9th,10th,11th and 12th grades of the school. The classroom is designed as a learning environment for activities for the professional development of teachers and for the extracurricular student activities on a school basis and as well as application space for projects which are carried out in the school. 


The Ukrainian Future Classroom Lab - Lviv STEM center

The Ukrainian Future Classroom Lab is a learning space in the Informatics Office where students are taught how to be creators, not just users, of technology. In this space, all teachers of the school can experiment with innovative pedagogical approaches in a flexible learning environment that supports students to think critically. The Ukrainian Future Classroom Lab is open not only to the school's students and teachers, but also to the teachers and students of other schools in our district.

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