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MenSI Meetings in Portugal (Freixo Hub)

On 4 November the Freixo Hub held its first meeting for sharing between the various partners of its Hub. It was an extraordinary sharing moment, with many moments of sharing among all. All the headmasters of the schools in the Hub were present, showing how committed they are to the project.The meeting also had moments of sharing in the classroom.

Författare: Fernando Franco
MenSI local meeting in Czech Republic

Teachers from the schools involved in the MenSI project spent an interesting afternoon at a meeting organized by our mentor school - Štítina Primary School. The main aim of the meeting was to present concrete examples of teaching methods, with focus on digital competence. Presented examples are often used in our classrooms.In order to make it not just an ordinary training, all teachers were...

Författare: Libor Klubal
Mentoring - investment in all participants of the educational process

Six countries are involved in the MenSI project, one of which is Croatia. Our school, Trilj Elementary School, is mentored by the Petar Zrinski Elementary School cluster from Čabar, Croatia. This project uses the method of teaching school-to-school, which involves active cooperation between two or more institutions in order to promote the professional development of teachers, provide benefits...

Författare: Ivana Marić Zerdun
MenSI local meetings in Italy

MenSi regional talks are in full swing within the network of Italian Mentor and Mentee schools.  Organised by the Italian MenSI national coordinator, with the support of the Italian Institute of Research in Education (INDIRE), this series of four local meetings involve the Italian clusters that are currently piloting innovative, whole-school mentoring approaches to mainstream...

Författare: Anna Laghigna