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Freixo Hub Visit of sharing a practice

On March 24th 2022, the Freixo School Grouping had the pleasure of receiving the visit of 3 teaching colleagues from the Prado School Grouping for a knowledge sharing about the pedagogical use of 3D printers.Another event that results from the implementation of the MenSi project and proves that the sharing of knowledge between different schools allows them all to evolve and improve the quality...

Författare: Fernando Franco
MenSI Freixo Hub, this time in Francisco Sanches School

On March 10th, at the Francisco Sanches School Grouping in Braga, the 4th MenSi Schools Meeting took place, which was attended, besides the host school, by the Freixo School Grouping, the Prado School Grouping, the Maximinos School Grouping and the Monte da Ola School Grouping.Another excellent afternoon for sharing experiences and reflections on the role of digital technologies in the process...

Författare: Fernando Franco
MenSI Fernando Casimiro Hub, this time in Vialonga Hub

Another MenSI meeting, this time at the Vialonga School Grouping, on 16th February, whose theme was Active Learning with Digital and the Digital Manuals Pilot Project. Another excellent moment of sharing between the various schools involved in this Hub. 

Författare: Fernando Franco
MenSI Cristelo Hub - This time in Pinheiro School Cluster

The second work meeting of our cluster of the MenSI Project - Mentoring for School Improvement took place in the Pinheiro School Cluster. All the clusters were present, namely the clusters of Cristelo, Frazão, Paço de Sousa, Paredes and Pinheiro.We worked on the Mentoring Operational Plan and tried through the weaknesses of some and the strengths of others, to make a survey of which strengths...

Författare: Fernando Franco