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Expert webinars

Within the MenSI project, the Croatian clusters focused on two national priorities: personalization of learning and flexible learning spaces. To support the schools in the exploration of these two topics, the MZO invited three experts who delivered a series of webinars for the teachers participating in the MenSI project. More than 100 teachers attended each of the three webinars and...

Author: Arjana Blazic
Teaching aids for Czech MenSI schools

One of the incentives that the Czech National Agency (DZS) has prepared for all schools involved in the MenSI project are didactic aids for children. These aids were designed in cooperation with one of the mentor schools (ZŠ speciální, Ostrava – Slezská Ostrava), where the teachers already use similar tools in their teaching practice. The teaching aids were developed to help the mentor schools...

Author: Sára Bezvodová
Come and learn with us

As a supplementary activity during the MenSI project, Czech National Agency for International Education and Research prepared several webinars for the participating schools focused mainly on the use of digital technologies in teaching. The webinars were conducted by experts on the given topics, and the selection of topics was adapted to the preferences of the mentor and mentee schools....

Author: Lucie Nováková
School-to-school mentoring – reaching full potential

The participation of our teachers in the MenSI project has helped in exploring the personal and professional potential of digital competences/literacy. We realized that we can build on the existing digital potentials, but also create new ones, which will enable better opportunities for the students in our school.The trainings showed us the direction we can go and the range of digital tools we...

Author: Ivana Marić Zerdun