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Our experience with mentoring

We are a primary school for pupils with special needs, Ostrava - Slezská Ostrava, a contributory organization, we educate pupils with moderate to profound mental disabilities, autism, and combined disabilities. Since 2009, we have been systematically acquiring modern technologies, which we are introducing into teaching.

In the beginning, there were a few enthusiastic teachers and they exchanged experiences and ideas for the use of digital technologies. At present, we have set up a school mentoring system in the field of using ICT in teaching. In 2017, we joined the project as a mentoring school in the form of a Collegiate Support Centre, where we guided regular primary schools in how to use iPads for pupils with special educational needs (SEND). Since January 2021, we have been operating as a mentoring school for six other schools, where we pass on our experience in the use of robotic aids in teaching.

And what worked for us?

  • A good prerequisite is that our teachers want to share their experiences and do not mind passing on the information that they had to discover and learn themselves.
  • Another important factor is how prepared the school is to receive the experience.
  • The last important thing is that we try to pass on practical skills and gained experience in practice and not just theory.

Mgr. Petra Poláčková, ZŠS Ostrava – Slezská Ostrava, příspěvková organizace