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MenSI local meetings in Italy

Italian school clusters meet up to discuss and exchange ideas on innovative mentoring approaches

MenSi regional talks are in full swing within the network of Italian Mentor and Mentee schools.  

Organised by the Italian MenSI national coordinator, with the support of the Italian Institute of Research in Education (INDIRE), this series of four local meetings involve the Italian clusters that are currently piloting innovative, whole-school mentoring approaches to mainstream technology-enhanced teaching practices through peer-networking. 

The events are meant to offer further insights on the topic of school-to-school Mentoring and the sharing of teaching and learning experiences implemented with the Mensi project at cluster level. 


The first MenSI local meeting took place on 17-18 March 2022 at Istituto Omnicomprensivo di Bobbio (Piacenza, Central Italy) and focused on “Mentoring and Tutoring for Teachers’ Professional Development and School Innovation”.  

The event offered the associated mentee schools a face-to-face opportunity to get involved in constructive discussions and exchanges on how to best coordinate mentoring activities within their cluster. 




The first day was dedicated to the direct observation of active teaching practices with new technologies in one of the four mentee schools in the Emilia Romagna cluster. The school visitation offered participants the opportunity to observe lessons within a comprehensive class of mixed-level students - from year 1 to 5.

                            Multi-level classroom at IC Varzi Primary School Pavia / by J.Mangione


On the following day, the local event was held at the IC Bobbio main hall and saw the online participation of some experts from remote. Anna Laghigna, Pedagogical Consultant at European Schoolnet, offered some insights on the topic of whole-school mentoring models and typical mentoring activities. Elena Pezzi of the Regional School Office Emilia Romagna shared ideas on how to set up school-based study groups for teachers’ professional development.


                                        MenSI local meeting at IC Bobbio, Piacenza / by J.Mangione


The rest of day was developed in the form of teacher clubs, led by the Mentor school and the Indire Researchers, with the aim to involve representatives of the mentee schools in reflections around a set of key questions relating to mentoring experiences within Mensi:

  • Which parts of the process were more challenging and why?
  • Which activities worked best and why?
  • What dissemination activities have you done or intend to do within your school?
  • How do you plan to scale and sustain the project beyond the network?
  • Which mentoring elements would you re-propose?


                                                  Teacher club discussions / by J.Mangione


The second MenSI regional talk was held on 2nd April 2022 at Mentor school IC Giovanni XXIII Acireale (Southern Italy). The aim of the initiative was again to share and disseminate ideas and strategies for whole school mentoring.

School principal Prof. Alfina Bertè started the meeting illustrating the efforts undertaken by this Mentor school in Sicily to disseminate school innovation and best practices in teaching and learning with the use of digital technologies.

The Mentee schools involved were: I.C. of Partanna, I.C. of Favignana, I.C. of Gangi; I.C. of Campobello di MazaraI.C. of Brolo, I.C. of Santa Venerina.


The event was held in a hybrid setting (both face-to face and remotely) with the support of INDIRE researchers Silvia Panzavolta and Giuseppina Cannella, and European Schoolnet consultant Anna Laghigna.


                      MenSI local meeting in Sicily / pictures above and below by IC Giovanni XXII


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Special thanks to INDIRE researchers Silvia Panzavolta, Giuseppina Canella, Giuseppina Mangione for organising MenSI Project local meetings and providing pictures of the events.