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The MenSI resource repository is regularly updated and features a wide range of materials (including videos, guidelines, courses, action plans, promotional materials…) divided into three main sections: videos, documents and dissemination materials. The target audience of the resources may be identified with the following icons:



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This document includes information on the expected commitment of schools and potential benefits for being part of MenSI.

The deliverable describes the support mechanism and community building elements targeting the participant schools.

This deliverable provides an initial model for how project results will be exploited and sustained after the end of the project.

This document presents a short description of the environment where the course will be hosted, the European Schoolnet Academy, and the course plan summary.

This document provides an overview of the MenSI website (community platform).

This document outlines who can become an Advisory Member and how, its benefits and responsabilities.

Report on the first preparatory workshop for mentor school coordinators: “Co-creating a vision on whole-school mentoring”.

The report offers an overview of the state of the art in school-to-school mentoring in Europe and an outline of effective and affordable strategies.

A selection of digital applications for Mentor schools.

A guide to help Mentor schools create CPD opportunities for Mentee schools within their cluster.

MenSI project’s report describing the Whole-School Mentoring MOOC (November 2022)

Strategy for how project results will be exploited and sustained after the end of MenSI

Report on mentoring activities

Report on Effective Whole School Mentoring

MenSI schools Exemplary Reports

 MenSI Learning Labs Reports

 School to School mentoring – The MenSI experience in an interactive brochure

 The final report of the MenSI project aims to provide an overview of the project, its key results and lessons learned.





All about the MenSI in a 5 - minute video animation

MenSI Policy Makers video

MenSI - Belgium - Voskenslaan

Mentoring through hub meetings in Belgium-Flanders

MenSI - Hungary - 1

MenSI - Hungary - 2

MenSI - Croatia

MenSI - Italy - Partanna

MenSI - Italy - Liceo Matilde Serao di Pomigliano D’Arco

MenSI - Portugal - Freixo School Cluster

MenSI - Czech Republic -ZSJAK

MenSI - Czech Republic -ZŠ Těšínská

MenSI - Czech Republic -ZŠ V TALICHA

MenSI - Czech Republic -ZŠ Štítína

Types and Model of inter-school Collaboration - MenSI online training

Setting up school collaboration at III gimnazija Split Croatia

The mentoring model applied at OS "Mladost" Osijek (HR)

The SLO concept applied at a MenSI Hub in Croatia

Living Schools Lab Advanced Schools

Living Schools Lab - a whole school approach to use of ICT

Meet the team behind the course and learn more about the MenSI Project

Mentoring by school peer-to-peer networking

Collective mentoring and coaching in schools

Mainstreaming innovative pedagogical practice

Regional Hub for Collaborative Schools - Living Schools Lab

Organising a regional hub forum in the Czech Republic

Czech MenSI cluster – Mentoring Activities

Expert talk part of the Beyond Networking MOOC

Additional video resources



Promotional Material


Webpage containing all dissemination materials of the MenSI project.

Document containing: project logo and graphical guidelines; templates; promotional material.

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