Discover the MenSI project at EMINENT 2021 Virtual Fair


Come find us in European Schoolnet's virtual exhibition following EMINENT 2021!

The EMINENT (Expert Meeting IN Education NeTworking) annual conference of European Schoolnet (EUN) has begun! The event brings together the Ministries of Education of 33 countries and many other stakeholders, among which the Future Classroom Lab (FCL). The aim? To discuss about education and learning in Europe. This year the conference focuses especially on inclusion and on the potential of the European Recovery and Resilience Facility instrument in supporting the transformation of education systems. You can find more information about the event here.

This year the event is also followed by a virtual exhibition, accessible on 7 and 8 December. By browsing through the virtual booths, you will be able to get access to information on various EUN projects, external stakeholders and FCL industry partners.

MenSI is present at the event, too! Register here to the event and come discover out project at the FCL booth. You will find information about the MenSI project, which key deliverables were produced so far, the Charter for Advisory Members (including link to apply for membership), the recently published report on School-to-school mentoring: a European perspective, and the Mentoring Operations Manual.

What are you waiting for? Come find us at the virtual exibition following EMINENT 2021: Digital Education for a More Inclusive Future!