Online training - Practical Introduction to School-to-School Mentoring


The Online training took place between September and October 2021. Participants coming from the 24 Mentor Schools taking part in the MenSI pilot took part in it.

The Online training "Practical Introduction to School-to-School Mentoring" took place between September and October 2021. The online course was targeting participants coming from the 24 Mentor Schools taking part in the MenSI pilot and was divided in three modules, to fully explain the theory behind school-to-school mentoring, the different approaches possible, its goals and objectives. Its core element is the active collaboration between two (or more) schools or establishments for purposes such as professional development, overcoming isolation or overall organisational improvement. The course was also a great opportunity for participants to figure out ways in which Mentor schools can support Mentee schools and in which ways the second ones can improve. School representatives were provided with concrete examples of tools that can enhance school capacity for innovation and optimise the process of monitoring progress in the networked schools.

Each school functions in its own way because the school is made up of different people, who have different experiences, approaches, environment. When we work and learn with colleagues from other schools we have the opportunity to discuss and study different approaches to work which automatically enriches our work, knowledge and experience.

Croatian course participant


93 participants from MenSI's 24 mentors schools registered to take part in the course and 74 completed the MOOC, thus translating in an 85% completion rate. 

The course was appreciated, all the participants valued it overall as ‘Good' or ‘Very good". 95% of the teachers agreed strongly that the quality of the MOOC met their expectations. They left constructive feedback and comments on how it could be improved. Overall, the teachers appreciated the theoretical foundation given by the course, its structure and content, and the support they received while taking it. 92% agreed or strongly agreed that they have learnt about different approaches to mentoring.

I believe that collaboration and cooperation with other schools can really facilitate the resolution of a problem and through comparison allow all participants to share ideas and acquire a new awareness of future challenges to be faced.

Italian course participant