MenSI: Overview of school-to-school mentoring models


The report created by the MenSI project offers a succinct overview of the state of the art in school-to-school mentoring in Europe and an outline of effective and affordable models and scalable strategies.

The report describes different types of mentoring between schools, with particular reference to models of digitally supported innovation and solving common challenges between schools.

The focus is networking, clustering or partnering between two or more schools where the school is the primary unit of analysis and the purpose is to address a policy challenge.

The effective and affordable models proposed include

  • ‘top-down' mentoring initiatives that support whole school take-up of a broad range of innovative digital practices in teaching and learning, ‘regional hub' models along others being implemented by education ministries.
  • ‘bottom-up' strategies with limited or no ministry support where mentoring is provided by ‘self-starter' learning labs (e.g. in the Future Classroom Lab network) acting as Advanced Schools.

Digital products used to support mentoring are also be analysed and recommendations made.

Download the report here (pdf)

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European Union

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