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School-to-school mentoring – reaching full potential

The participation of our teachers in the MenSI project has helped in exploring the personal and professional potential of digital competences/literacy. We realized that we can build on the existing digital potentials, but also create new ones, which will enable better opportunities for the students in our school.

The trainings showed us the direction we can go and the range of digital tools we can use to plan realistic and quick steps towards our goal. We have gained an idea of how to create and use all the opportunities available to us in order to achieve higher level of student success and create a satisfying virtual learning environment.

The members of the Petar Zrinski elementary school cluster have supported us in the process of strengthening independence and using digital tools.

I believe that after the completion of the project we will plan our action plan for teaching using digital technologies.


Poster: The first year of participation in the MenSI project

Author: Ivana Marić Zerdun, biology and chemistry teacher, Trilj Elementary School, Croatia