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Whole school mentoring: Small & Rural School areas

The Mentoring Policy Exchange meeting took place online, the 29th of March 2022. The topic of this session targeted one the project’s identified challenges, mentoring in Small & Rural School areas.

The meeting had as special guest Prof. Alfina Bertè, school principal at Mentor school IC Giovanni XXIII Acireale (Southern Italy), who illustrated the efforts undertaken by this Mentor school in Sicily to disseminate school innovation and best practices in teaching and learning with the use of digital technologies in this specific type of context. 

During the meeting, attended by the MenSI Advisory Members and by Ministry of Education Working groups such as the Small and Rural Schools Interest Group and the Interactive Classroom Working Group, a number of elements were raised, mostly in connection to the “revolution” occurred regarding online teaching & learning due to the pandemic and how this had even further impact within the context of the discussion. 

You can see the full discussion here. 


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