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MenSI workshop at Eminent 2022

European Schoolnet’s flagship annual conference was held this year in Dublin on 6 and 7 December 2022. The event brought together representatives from UNESCO, OECD, the European Commission, the Digital Futures Commission (DFC), academia, European Ministries of education, the Ed-Tech industry and the student community to discuss about the benefits of using data analytics for teachers and...

Tekijä: Sonia Curzel
The small and rural school Interest Group and MenSI

Following some of the discussions arising from the contributions to the MenSI Policy exchange, the small and rural school Interest Group decided to focus on small schools in rural communities with the reasoning that these schools offer education to a proportion of the young EU population that simply cannot be neglected.The small and rural schools Interest group is composed by 13 countries...

Tekijä: Sonia Curzel
School Innovation Forum 2022

 Transferring and scaling innovation related to digital technologies in school education is an ongoing policy challenge across Europe. As nowadays a great number of advanced schools have already developed efficient frameworks for technology-enhanced teaching and learning, such schools could now be ready to take up a leading role within mentoring clusters to guide and support less-advanced...

Tekijä: Sonia Curzel
Whole school mentoring: Small & Rural School areas

The Mentoring Policy Exchange meeting took place online, the 29th of March 2022. The topic of this session targeted one the project’s identified challenges, mentoring in Small & Rural School areas.The meeting had as special guest Prof. Alfina Bertè, school principal at Mentor school IC Giovanni XXIII Acireale (Southern Italy), who illustrated the efforts undertaken by this Mentor school in...

Tekijä: Sonia Curzel
MenSI at Eminent 2021

Technology, inclusion and European cooperation are the drivers of change at the service of the schools of tomorrow, according to European education leaders speaking at the EMINENT 2021 online conference. As part of its annual EMINENT conference, European Schoolnet brought together Ministers of Education, representatives from the European Parliament and European Commission, and high-level...

Tekijä: Sonia Curzel

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Mentoring Policy Exchange

MenSI is extending its reach by inviting relevant stakeholders to participate in the project’s Mentoring Policy Exchange Mechanism. By adopting this “policy-connected approach”, MenSI has developed a new space for discussion open to educational policymakers working at both national and regional level. This new forum will continue to be offered as an on-going service to policymakers under the EUN’s independently-funded Future Classroom Lab initiative.

The Policy Exchange Mechanism is currently composed by the MenSI Advisory Members and by Ministry of Education Working groups such as the Small and Rural Schools Interest Group and the Interactive Classroom Working Group.

Following the model developed for existing EUN ministry working groups, the Policy exchange includes both regular online and face-to-face meetings. In this regard, it provides a forum within which project partners can exchange on MenSI findings and recommendations with ministries and other Advisory Members interested in the project’s work. Ministries supporting this new mechanism may also seek to involve and obtain support for additional / future work on whole-school mentoring from the 30+ industry partners currently supporting the EUN Future Classroom Lab.